Performance to Talent

Our school follows a simple practice of Teach, Perform and Connect. We believe that in connecting with others, students connect with music. We encourage band development and do all we can to connect students with each other as a way to learn and perform.

Performance Enhances Skills
We have put together a team of talented and experienced teachers who have all performed in bands and ensembles and can share this gift of performance with our students.

Music That Sings To Our Students
A curriculum that includes not only classical but rock, pop, jazz, and blues styles that result in an even higher level of proficiency and, as importantly, a higher level of interest in playing music.

Talent Comes In All Ages
Our programs are for all ages. Our Orff-based early childhood (ages 3-5) programs teach pitch and rhythm through song, rhyme, and percussion. Our adults and seniors can take fundamental music theory courses that are both challenging and life-enriching.

Flexible Time and Payments
We offer flexible enrollment and payment programs with no long-term contracts.

Performance Opportunity For All Students
All students have the opportunity to perform to give them self-confidence and performance experience.

Instruments That Inspire
Our pianos include Kawai grand and upright pianos .

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